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Ottoman Posing Beanbag



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A key ingredient in creating beautiful newborn portraits is the ‘platform’ on which you pose baby. Gone are the days of using ‘tear drop’ shaped beanbags. The ‘puck’ or ‘ottoman’ style of beanbag is here and here to stay! No more sinking baby! The award-winning SHOOT BABY! Ottoman Posing Beanbag provides professional photographers with a practical and stylish beanbag on which to pose/photograph newborns and babies. Our professionally made Ottomans are well known and trusted in the baby photography industry and are used by renowned studios such as Robin Long Photography, Erin Elizabeth Photography, Jillian Kirby | Baby, Stephanie Robin, Kristen Cook and Little Posers Photography, just to name a few! 

The Vinyl Ottoman is made from a lovely soft faux leather and is very convenient for cleaning up little 'accidents'. With it's large, flat, impressionable surface area, it provides the perfect 'canvas' on which to pose baby HINT: Use small folded blankets e.g. receiving blankets/bunny rugs such as THIS under your (several layers of) blankets to elevate different parts of baby into position. Stack 2 or 3 folded receiving blankets/bunny rugs to give more height.

The SHOOT BABY!™ Ottoman Posing Beanbag is not only original, but is unique in it's design and functionality. Here are the keys point to note:

1. The Ottoman Posing Beanbag features 2 anti-burst inner bags for the polystyrene beans (beans not included). Filling the beanbag is A LOT easier with the 2 inner bags. Much less mess is created and the beanbag can be filled up to be very full/firm.

2. The SHOOT BABY!™ Ottoman Posing Beanbag uses safety zippers for containment of the polystyrene beans (beans not included). Polystyrene beans present a severe danger to children if swallowed or inhaled.

3. The Ottoman Posing Beanbag also features a side strap for easy carrying/moving/lifting.

Newborn photos taken on Vinyl Ottoman Posing Beanbag by Erin Elizabeth Photography