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  • Blanket Stand
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" The SHOOT BABY! Blanket Stand is simply amazing. It folds up to an incredibly compact size, which is invaluable if you are an on location photographer like myself. The adjustment capabilities allow me to change the width and height so that I am able to use it for both newborn blankets, as well as backgrounds for family shots. "
Oct 15 2012, 05:01 AM
by Erin Elizabeth Photography

Blanket Stand



Was $175.00. Now $80!

Purely for newborn photography, the SHOOT BABY! Blanket Stand makes a very sturdy yet compact/portable solution for supporting blankets. The minimum height of the stand is 95cm which allows smaller blankets to reach up to the bar and the bar is adjustable in both height and width. Carry bag included.

Height adjustable from 95cm/38" to 200cm/78"
Width adjustable from 120cm/47" to 220cm/86"

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